22 June 2016

Plenary Session 1
Risk attitudes, informal employment and wages: Evidence from a transition country. Hartmut Lehmann

Plenary Session 2
Social preferences and migration outcomes. Oded Stark

Parallel Session A1: Links between economic development and migration

Parallel Session B1: Challenges in sending and receiving communities

  • Internal migration in Kazakhstan: Insights based on a New Institutionalism Approach. David Runschke, Thomas Dufhues, Gertrud Buchenrieder, Thomas Herzfeld
  • Refugees and rural Development: Chances from migration and challenges of integration. Kim Pollermann
  • Refugees in rural Europe – potentials for the local labour market? Birte Nienaber

Parallel Session C1: The effects of migration on rural households

Parallel Session A2: Structural change and migration

Parallel Session B2: Occupational choices and incentives for migration

Parallel Session C2: Rural-urban links via labor market

Parallel Session A3: Organized Session: Migration and local development

Parallel Session B3: Gender issues, rural economy and migration

Parallel Session C3: Political activism, community development and migration

23 June 2016

Plenary session 3: Organized Plenary Session: "Rural labor markets in transition economies"

Parallel session A4: Organized Session by Rural Policy Learning Commons (RPLC): "Labor mobilities and rural development: What lessons can we learn?"

Parallel session B4: Effects of remittances

Parallel session C4: Mobility barriers, rural development and employment

Parallel session A5: Large-scale farming, labor markets and structural change

Parallel session B5: Diversification of rural economies

  • Farm diversification in Albania – has it a potential to reduce rural unemployment? Edvin Zhllima, Drini Imami, Judith Möllers, Thomas Wehinger, Dmitry Zvyagintsev
  • Transformation of the Occupational Structure in Rural India during 1990-2010. Aparajita Dhara
  • Rural Non-farm Sector, Agricultural Self-employment and Wage Employment: The Implications for Income and Risk in Ethiopia. Habtamu Ayenew, Johannes Sauer, Getachew Abate-Kassa

Parallel session C5: Institutions in structural change

Parallel session A6: Organized Session: "Mobilities and informal economies: Markets and flows in comparison"

  • In a “half-dark, half-light zone”: Mobility, precarity and moral uncertainty in post-reform Vietnam’s urban waste economy. Minh Nguyen
  • We are all displaced’ - Internally displaced and rural migrants at Deserter’s Bazaar in Tbilisi, Georgia. Lela Rekhviashvili
  • Muddling through Central Asia and Russia: mobile enterprenuers from Central Asia. Rano Turaeva
  • Informal economy writ large and small: From Azerbaijani traders of fresh herbs to shop owners in Moscow. Lale Yalcin-Heckmann

Parallel session B6: Innovations in stimulating rural economic activity

  • Agricultural expertise & knowledge on wine, tea and fruits in Post-Soviet rural development in Georgia. Anastasiya Shtaltovna, Kristof Van Assche, Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Lena Fey
  • Development of Rural Entrepreneurship and Its Impact on Rural Employment in Ukraine. Larysa Levkivska, Oleg Skydan
  • Social situation of youth as indicator for implementation of innovation in Altai Krai, Russia. Andreas Wust, Alie Sergienko, Nikolaj Bykov

Parallel session C6: Agricultural productivity in different contexts

24 June 2016